Our Appreciation for Craft

As the principal of his architectural planning and design firm, OPA Design Studio, Stephen Oliver has been involved as an architect in the design of several dozen breweries, distilleries, and wineries, and Caitlin has extensively covered the quickly growing craft beer scene in Austin, Texas, from her craft beer and travel blog, Big World Small Girl. Together, they have grown to appreciate both the products and unique trappings of the breweries and brewpubs they’ve made it their passion to understand, appreciate, and celebrate.

Why Drive an RV Across Texas?

Owing to their shared passion for craft beer, Steve (The Brewery Architect) and Caitlin (Big World, Small Girl) have made it their mission to better connect with the growing craft beer communities throughout Texas and beyond. Since both are based in Austin, they have come together in 2019 to explore the Houston and Dallas/Fort Worth communities to gain a better understanding of their needs, hopes, aspirations, challenges, and goals. What better way could they hope to engage with all of these wonderful breweries and brewpubs than to visit as many as possible while on a week-long cross-state RV road trip?

Come Along for the Ride!